Oye Oye Update

2015-04-26 12:08:18 by LovainMaster

To the Zero to Five people that care xD.

Due to finals, i probably wont have another animation for a month or two. But ill still be posting pictures.

Also my newest animation is the last one ill be doing on pencil. Now I got a fancy program. Toon Boom! (Thank goodness for student discounts)


And then I opened it up and my balls dropped.


Oh look I exist.

2015-04-17 10:15:20 by LovainMaster

I uh, still exist. And will have a new animation coming up (much better than the last if i do say so myself) coming up in a day or two. When ever ma boi finishes up the sound for this. Man the sound was terrible in the first animationxD Hopefully ill be more regular with my posts from now on.

This is for the Non-existant people who follow me.

kk cool.


PS: it would be quite nice to be approved for posting in the art board just saying. HAHAHAHAHAHHA WHAT WAS THAT LOVAIN. oh nothing im not saying anything